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Part I, Page 2

Part I: Overall Impressions

2. Impressions of Each Country

Assessment of General Public's Impressions
US Survey
(ASKED OF AMERICAN BUSINESS LEADERS & CONGRESSIONAL STAFFERS) How would you describe the American public's opinion of China?
General Public
Business Leaders
Congressional Staffers
*General Public responses are taken from the first question.
China Survey
(ASKED OF CHINESE BUSINESS LEADERS) How would you describe the Chinese public's opinion of the U.S.?
General Public
Business Leaders
*General Public responses are taken from the first question.

Narrative Analysis

United States:
  • The vast majority of both business leaders (73%) and Congressional staffers (86%) believe the American public has an unfavorable opinion of China. In the survey of the general public, only 45% hold an unfavorable opinion, while the majority (52%) hold a favorable opinion.
  • Chinese business leaders appear to overestimate the Chinese public's overall opinion of the United States: 91% of business leaders believe the Chinese public holds a favorable opinion, while more than a quarter of the Chinese public holds an unfavorable opinion of the U.S.