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The Committee of 100 (C-100) is a national non-partisan, non-profit membership organization comprised of Chinese American leaders in a broad range of professions. With their knowledge and experience, the Committee has dedicated its efforts to a dual mission: (1) encouraging constructive relations between the peoples of the United States and Greater China, and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life.

C-100’s survey project began in 1994 and has released substantive public opinion reports to track the shift in attitudes among Americans toward Greater China. As a follow-up on the 2005 survey entitled “American Attitudes Toward China,” this year’s survey is unprecedented—a large-scale, multi-group, parallel polling of both Americans and Chinese about their opinions toward each other.

The survey results were released on December 10, 2007 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. For the shorter version of the report (a summary of key findings), please visit: www.committee100.org.

The objective of this study is to determine American attitudes toward China, and, as a “mirror,” find analogous results on Chinese attitudes toward America. The polls parallel each other by surveying the same or similar issues at the same time. This study is aimed to allow comparative analysis not only among some key groups in both countries, but also with the results of C-100’s previous 2005 survey. The target groups include the general public, opinion leaders, and business leaders in both countries, as well as a stand-alone sample of Congressional staffers in the U.S. The research has explored a broad array of issues shaping U.S.-China relations, ranging from American and Chinese overall impressions of each other to their views about important bilateral issues. The survey findings provide unique, comprehensive, and comparable information that can be shared, discussed and used to better understand the current state of U.S.-China relations and formulate recommendations on how to forge mutually beneficial partnerships for the future.

The study is co-chaired by C-100 members Cheng Li (Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution) and Frank H. Wu (Dean, Wayne State Law School), and is being conducted in collaboration with the polling firm Zogby International in the United States. The data for the China part are drawn from Horizon Research Consultancy Group’s own continuously self-sponsored and annually released survey on China’s global views—“The World in Chinese Eyes (WCE).” For purposes of comparison, Horizon Research made partial reference to Committee of 100’s survey questions in the Sino-U.S. part of its 2007 WCE questionnaire and consulted with both C-100 and Zogby on survey methodology.

The Committee of 100 would like to express our great appreciation to The Henry Luce Foundation, which has provided generous financial support for the dissemination of survey results.