Part II | China’s Rise and Its Implications | Question 23

23. Trust-China's Role for Improvement

US Survey
(US SURVEY) What should China do to improve trust between the countries?
Be more transparent/Honest
Improve/Resolve human right issues
Improve fair trade relations
Protect intellectual property rights/Stop espionage/ Industrial espionage
Improve currency manipulation/Fair currency exchange
Create a democracy/ Political reform
Improve communications
Change political stances within China/Taiwan/Tibet
China Survey
(CHINA SURVEY) What should China do to improve trust between the countries?
Solve the problem of intellectual property
Political reform
Solve the human right issue
Communication and cooperation
Learn the technology of the US
Keep opening
Develop economy
Increase investment in the US
Enhance the international influence
Create a favorable atmosphere
Develop Sino-US trade
Do its own things
Military cooperation
Can not have trust
No need to improve trust
Change attitude
Demands a clear stance and interests
Comply with international rules
Depend on the US
Seek common ground
Dilute the cultural differences
Enhance the transparency of various aspects
Not Sure

Narrative Analysis

United States:
  • Business leaders are divided, with virtually identical proportions recommending that China be more transparent and honest (14%), improve or resolve human rights issues (14%), improve fair trade relations (14%), and protect intellectual property rights / stop industrial espionage (13%).
  • More than one-fourth of business leaders (29%) and opinion leaders (25.9%) think the Chinese government should strengthen communication and cooperation between both countries.